This Video Provides An Overview Of The Services That Are Available From HRCash4Homes. You May Have Been Contacted By Us. Or You May Have Seen A Sign, Or Some Other Advertising. This Is Intended To Be A Simple Website That May Significantly Benefit You!

Hello, My Name Is Kevin.  And As The Website Name Indicates, We Are Hampton Roads Cash For Homes LLC.

We Buy Houses In Hampton Roads Va. Also Known As The Tidewater Area Of Virginia. These Are The Cities Of Hampton, Newport News,  Poquoson, York County, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, And Surrounding Areas.

Our Company Provides Assistance To Distressed Home Owners. These Are Individuals Who, For Whatever Reason, Find Themselves In A Situation Were They Need To Quickly Sell A House. We Can Quickly Buy That Home For Cash. That Is How This Website May Benefit You!

And For Everyone Else, This Creates An Opportunity To Purchase These Homes. Are You Interested In A, Well Established, Investment Opportunity? One That Has Been A Proven Method To Make Money, And Build Wealth, In America. Then That Is How This Website Can Benefit You!


We buy houses, townhomes, condos, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and occasionally small commercial property. What makes this significantly different than the traditional home sale is there is no need for the current owner to do the typical preparations to get the house ready for potential buyers.

This is because we buy homes from owners who would like to sell the house in “As Is” condition! This means no repairs have to be made by them at all!

And, we pay “All Cash” for the home! This means no waiting around for loan approval. It also means not having to do any of the things that a loan company will typically require. This means no repairs, no appraisals, no termite inspections, no surveys, etc.

We are a local business. We have been helping home owners, and providing deals to real estate investors, since 1996.

We have assisted a lot of families, couples, and individuals just like you. We believe the key to the success of HRCash4Homes is our belief in giving each and every client exceptional service. We provide a fair deal and a quick turnaround for our customers and clients.

We are real estate professionals, and real estate investors, who have extensive experience in assessing a property’s value. As well as its best use in any market. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to helping homeowners sell their property for cash, fairly and quickly.

We work directly with you. We do not pass you over to another office as so many other franchise companies do. Plus our knowledge, experience, and familiarity of the Hampton Roads area allows us to understand the needs of our neighbors like you.

Home owners appreciate that we can eliminate the paperwork, time, and red tape. Plus, unless you already have an existing signed agreement, we eliminate any commission, or fees, required to sell a home through a real estate agent!

We are committed to honest dealings and satisfied customers.

We Buy Houses In Hampton Roads! And This, In Turn, Creates Many Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities That Are Available For Anyone To Take Advantage Of!



BEFORE $55,000

Do You Have A House You’d Like To Sell?
You don’t have to worry about what condition it is in. Having to make repairs. Or the house sitting For Sale for months on end. Or needing to show it dozens of times to complete strangers who may, or may not, be able to qualify for a home loan. We are able to pay cash for your house! Without loan appraisals. And without a drawn out approval process. We close in 30 days. Or much less!

If you are the owner of a home that has become a problem for you, please visit our OWNERS page. Complete our brief contact form to tell us a little about the home and your situation.


AFTER $129,000

Are You Thinking About Investing In Real Estate?
We acquire these homes from someone who no longer wants it. This instantly creates an opportunity for someone else. For centuries, nothing has created more wealth in America than real estate. Not savings, stocks, bonds, or any type of investment you can think of. Those who buy properties on a regular basis obviously already know this. So we want to get this message through to those who have been thinking about getting there very first investment home.

If you are someone wanting information about houses that we have purchased, please visit our INVESTORS page. Sign up to get on our list. We will notify you, by text message, when we acquire a new property.








 HR Cash For Homes 809 Aberdeen Rd Suite 9001 Hampton Va 23670


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