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This Video Provides An Overview Of The Services That Are Available From HRCash4Homes. It May Significantly Benefit You!

You May Have Come To This Page Because You Searched Online For The Words Sell My Home Fast In Hampton Roads Va.

Or, You May Have Received A Letter, Postcard, Email, Or Text Message. If So, Then Please Understand That This Basic Information Was Obtained From The City Records. It Shows Your Name As The Owner Of The Home.  We Understand That You May Not Be The Same Person. You Just May Happen To Have The Same Name.

If You Are Not The Owner Of The Address You Were Contacted About Then Please Disregard. We Apologize For The Mistake.

But, if you are the owner of this home then I would like to introduce myself. My name is Greg. And First, I want to assure you that if you did receive a letter, postcard, email, or a text message from our company, it is completely, 100%, legit. We have contacted you because you are listed as the owner of record in the city Property Records Office.

As the website name indicates, we are Hampton Roads Cash For Homes LLC. We partner with a network of real estate professionals and real estate investors in the Hampton Roads, also known as the Tidewater, area of Virginia.

We buy houses, condos, multi-tenant buildings, duplexes, townhouses, and occasionally small commercial property.

We buy houses from owners who would like to sell their home in “As Is” condition! This means no repairs have to be made by the seller at all!

Plus, we pay “All Cash” for the house! This means no waiting around for loan approval! It also means not having to do any of the things a loan company typically requires. No appraisals, No termite inspections, No surveys, etc.

And, it doesn’t matter what type of bad looking, or distressed, house you have. HRCash4Homes would like to make a no obligation offer to purchase your home for cash. Whether your home is cosmetically ugly, or has repair issues. Or, for whatever reason, the home has you in a bad situation that you would like to resolve.

Every situation is different. But HRCash4Homes may be able to submit a risk free, fast, cash offer to you!

Life happens to all of us! And people find themselves in a circumstance where they want, or need, to quickly sell their house for any number of reasons, including:

  • Structural Issues
  • Foreclosure
  • Relocation Or Job Transfer
  • Undesirable Neighborhoods
  • Divorce
  • Need For Cosmetic Fix Up
  • Retirement Or Downsizing                                                    newport-news-va-distressed-home
  • Death Of A Loved One
  • Liquidating Assets To Pay Bills
  • Inheriting A House You Don’t Want
  • Tired Of Living In An Ugly House
  • Job Loss
  • Bad Mortgage Loan
  • And More


We have bought many properties from homeowners just like you, right here in the local area of Hampton Roads.

We are not a referral network, we are local real estate professionals and real estate investors. Our real estate company has been helping people sell houses since 1996.

Over this time we have created an effective way to help homeowners sell their houses quickly. Yes it may be true that the current condition of the home may be below market value. Plus, we estimate the cost of the repairs that will need to be done. We analyze all of the information that relevant to your individual situation. Then we determine a fair price for cash for the home.

There is No Cost, No Sales Pressure, and No Obligation to you! You are completely free to decide whether, or not, to accept the offer.

If you decide to accept the offer we will send you a simple, easy to understand, Purchase Agreement. You can take your time and read through it. You can contact us, or consult with an attorney, if you have any questions.

Everything is emailed to you in the universal .PDF format. It can easily be viewed on a windows PC, mac, laptop, tablet, even you android or iPhone. You can choose to print it out, or simply click-to-sign electronically, and then save it. This means the entire transaction can be completed on your Smartphone.

The agreement does allow for us to physically inspect the home to assessed it’s overall condition. Once it is approved we can close, complete the sale, and get you the cash within 30 days. However, our typical transactions can be completed in as little as 2 weeks.

Most people know that selling your house the standard, traditional, way can be expensive, complicated, and time consuming. Whether you attempt to do it yourself as a For Sale By Owner or use Real Estate Agents. And the Realtor Fees alone can be thousands of dollars. Then there are the costs of the repairs. The hassles of getting it ready to be put on the market. The hoops the potential buyer’s mortgage company wants you to jump through with all their required inspections. Then you never know if their home loan will even be approved, or not.

HRCash4Homes Offers You A Better Alternative! We Take The Stress Out Of Selling Your Home!

Simply Scroll Down Below. Complete, And Submit, The Contact Form. Briefly Tell Us All The Pertinent Information. We Will Assess Your Home. And Your Individual Circumstances. Depending On The Amount Of inquires We Have, Please Allow Us 2 Business Days To Reply.


Are You The Home Owner And Decision Maker?

Does Anyone Else Need To Sign The Deed?

Are There Any Home Loans, Liens, Back Taxes,
City Violations, Codes, Anything Owed At All?
How Much Needs To Paid For The Sale To Close?
Can You Send Us The Most Current Statements?

How Do You Feel The Overall Condition Of The
Home Is? What Do You Know Needs To Be Fixed?

Any Structural Issues? Foundation, Sinking Floors, etc.

How Fast Do You Need To Sell The House?

How Much Are You Looking To Get?

Is The Home Vacant?

Are We Able To Get Access To The House?

Do You Have A Link To Pictures Or Video? Or Are You
Able To Take Pictures Or Send Us A Smartphone Video?

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